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Vipps is a finance app for mobile payments, which now has over 3 million users in Norway. In 2018, they merged with BankID and BankAxept to streamline digital payments and identification. They got a new shared brand platform and needed a new website to showcase all their products and services. The website primarily catered to private individuals seeking troubleshooting assistance and potential business customers exploring Vipps’ offerings. Emphasizing user-friendly design, we prioritized help and product clarity. 

The Vipps brand platform, with key words such as ‘world-class simplification’, ‘everyday magic’ and ‘collaboration’, became a natural starting point for our concept and working principles. To help people solve their tasks as quickly as possible, we worked by the principle of subtracting rather than adding; both in structure, content and layout. The navigation lets people make simple choices based on what they are looking for, so we can give them the answer they need. 

What: Website redesign
Year: 2019
Client: Vipps
Company: Netlife

My role:

In collaboration with:
Dag Helge Scott – UX design
Jorunn Aarvik – project manager
Susanne Egset – content
Mari Brenli – content
Audun Rundberg – frontend
Eskil Nordland – frontend
Jostein Magnussen – strategy
Tom-Tom Erik Isaksen – project owner

Vipps – backend development

Scandinavian Design Group – brand identity, illustration, animation

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