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Netlife is a design and technology company based in Oslo, Norway. When working on updating the visual identity after adjusting the strategy, one of the things we needed was a richer illustration style. In Netlife we communicated a lot — both in projects and in workshops with our customers. In addition, we hold courses and lectures, and we blog regularly. Many of us are more text-oriented than visual heads, but we all need to communicate visually. 

Back when the company was still called Netlife Research, each employee received an illustrated “avatar”. These didn’t just give the employees and Netlife a shared identity which we saw that many appreciated — it also gave us an extensively used illustration bank. The goal for the new illustration style was to achieve somewhat of the same effect as with the avatars, and at the same time deliver on our new brand strategy. And of course, be in line with the concept “for people, by people”, which Netlifes visual identity is built on. 

What: Brand strategy, visual identity, illustration system, website, misc
Year: 2019–2023
Client: Netlife
Company: Netlife

My role:
Brand strategy, concept, design

In collaboration with:
Ragnhild Schei – brand strategy, project manager, concept
Will Hindson – concept, design, illustration, animation, development
All employees of Netlife – sketches (original drawings)
Mats Lande – development
Torgeir Beyer – development
Dag Helge Scott – presentation template
Marte Gråberg – project owner

Netlife Brandbook
Back to the drawing board (blog about the process)

In addition to the brand strategy and illustration update, I also had the responsibility of maintaining the visual identity and making things – such as merch, signage and templates – when needed.

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