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14 years of 536

536 6th avenue, NYC, had been karlssonwilker’s creative home for 14 years, shared with friends and fellow designers Paul Sahre, Peter Ahlberg and Zut Alors (and a Dunkin’ Donuts on the first floor). In 2014 Paul decided to move on to a new location — it was in many ways the end of an era and it might be the perfect time to summarize and celebrate: 14 years of design and Dunkin’. 14 years of friendship. 14 years of memories and moments.
What: Editorial design
Year: 2014
Client: karlssonwilker
Company: karlssonwilker

My role:
Research, content & design; art direction, infographics

Made during my internship at karlssonwilker inc, NYC, under the creative direction of Jan Wilker & Hjalti Karlsson.

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